Deep Purple/Rainbow Tribute, Perfect Strangers Rising, faithfully recreates the legendary music of heavy metal's earliest influencers. There is a hunger for good music performed LIVE. Enter Perfect Strangers Rising. Based in Orange County, CA, this Tribute Band delivers their mission with a vengeance. They meticulously emulate the same tones made famous in the 60's and 70's by the original monsters of rock. In order to do this, the band employs some of the same vintage equipment in their shows that the original icons used. Consider this your invitation to come hear faithfully reproduced Ritchie Blackmore's melodic guitar solos. Enjoy recreations of Jon Lord's wild organ solos on a real Hammond C3 (the same model Jon Lord used). Feast your ears on the powerful vocals of Bonnet-Dio-Gillan-Coverdale-Turner. Ready your bones for the grinding bass of Roger Glover. Prepare yourself for the thunder and fancy footwork of Cozy Powell and Ian Paice.

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Perfect Strangers Rising at The Concert Lounge Riverside
Perfect Strangers Rising
The Concert Lounge Riverside


Thinking of Deep Purple and Rainbow conjures all kinds of remembrances. Memories of the earliest days of experimentation in heavy metal. To the enthusiast this is particularly true. Musicians started trying different things with amplification and effects on instruments.  Ideas that may have been considered absurd, suddenly became desirable.

What were a few things that set Deep Purple and Rainbow apart from the rest?

Jon Lord wanted to find a way to keep up with Blackmore's guitar so he decided to look to the guitar amp. This resulted in overdriven rhythm parts and solos using his Hammond C3 amplified by a Marshall.  Deep Purple's Highway Star, Space Truckin'  (and others) are prime examples.

Ritchie  liked the warmth and buzz of the Vox but he also liked the power of the Marshall. This led to Ritchie using the Vox AC30 integrated with Marshall Amps.

The integration of middle eastern scales in songs like Rainbow's Gates of Babylon is another differentiator.   Ritchie Blackmore  once stated that guitarists were playing the same old riffs. He elaborated, saying they were afraid of using things like Arabic or Turkish scales in their music. Blackmore clearly wasn't. He didn't fly over the frets thoughtlessly hoping something amazing would happen. Ritchie knew what he wanted to play, and then he flew all over the frets with the notes of his choice.

Jon Lord was classicaly trained.  He wrote intricate speed driven Bach and Beethooven like parts in his compositions.  By taking baroque and classical music and mixing it with hard rock and heavy metal, Lord took the band to a much higher level.

"I was classically trained in piano in my youth in the 60's and 70's.  As soon as I heard the baroque keyboard solo by Lord in Burn, I was hooked." (James Palmer, Keyboardist, Perfect Strangers Rising Tribute).

We invite you to experience a live performance with Deep Purple/Rainbow Tribute, Perfect Strangers Rising. The sounds and visuals instantly launch you to flashbacks of both studio and live performances by the original masters.


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