Guido Cossio Perfect Strangers Rising at M15 Corona
Guido Cossio of Perfect Strangers Rising at M15, Corona, CA

Guido Cossio

Founder - Guitarist

A talented guitar player and long time admirer of Ritchie Blackmore, Guido founded Perfect Strangers Rising. A Tribute to Deep Purple & Rainbow. Guido performs on a  scalloped fingerboard strat just as RItchie Blackmore did back in the '70s. Although he directs the band to play some songs like the studio versions, Guido tends to favor performing live renditions. "The 1977 live in Munich version of Man On The Silver Mountain just had incredible energy," states Cossio. He goes on to say, "Ritchie took his sweet time jamming some blues and with Dio's melodic voice, Cozy's incredible drums, they just tore it up."

George Galvez Vocalist Perfect Strangers Rising

George Galvez

Lead Vocals

With growling lead vocals and a vast experience performing all kinds of classic rock, George brings his incredible vocal talent and stage presence to Perfect Strangers Rising.  George feels that as music instrument technology has advanced, so has the use of backing tracks and harmonizers on vocals in live bands, which is not a true representation of the band. George will have no part in that, “Bull shit,” as he calls it. With George, what you hear is a REAL unadulterated voice.  It is NO EASY TASK performing Gillan, Dio, Turner, and Coverdale, but George delivers with grace and power.

Jerry Adamowicz Perfect Strangers Rising at Studio
Jerry Adamowicz of Perfect Strangers Rising - Deep Purple and Rainbow Tribute

Jerry Adamowicz

Bass - Vocals

Jerry is a master on many stringed instruments, bass being only one of them. Guitar, mandolin, banjo, violin, cello. If it has strings, Jerry can play it well. He also plays piano/keyboards. Machine Head, being Jerry’s favorite Deep Purple album, had a big influence on his musical tastes in his younger years. Jerry is also a talented studio engineer and composer. His work has been heard by people around the world in Dick Clark’s Rockin’ New Years Eve and the American Music Awards.

Personnel, Deep Purple/Rainbow Tribute, Perfect Strangers Rising's James Palmer at Garden Amp Theatre
Deep Purple/Rainbow Tribute, Perfect Strangers Rising's James Palmer at Monsters of Metal Garden Amp 2019

James Palmer

Keys / Hammond / Vocals

James has played piano and keyboards his entire life. He was classically trained and performed in Bach festivals and recitals throughout his youth. As a teenager, he devoloped a fondness for the distinctive over driven Hammond organ sounds Jon Lord was coming out with. Coupled with a love for passages like the baroque synth solo in ‘Burn’ and James was hooked. He owns and performs on a Hammond C3, the same model Jon Lord toured with. Perfect Strangers Rising is the perfect outlet to channel his inner Lord. Depending on stage requirements, he also has "soft-synths" that emulate the same tone's Jon Lord used with Deep Purple. His speaker cabinet of choice is the Leslie 3300.  It is a highly road worthy rotating speaker cabinet.

Deep Purple and Rainbow Tribute, Perfect Strangers Rising's Sandy Hancock Drums
Deep Purple / Rainbow Tribute, Perfect Strangers Rising's Sandy Hancock on his Ludwig Kit

Sandy Hancock

Drums - Vocals

Sandy has played with countless bands and toured the USA and Canada with bands such as Joyride, 22 Jacks, Agent Orange, China White, Adolescents, Mama Hagglin, to name a few. Growing up, Cozy Powell was one of Sandy's greatest influences. Today, Sandy reproduces the intense double kick work behind driving songs like Light In The Black. To perform at his level, a person needs to be in great physical health. He has incredible stamina and maintains steady tempo in the longest and most demanding songs. Sandy is also a hot-rod enthusiast. When he is not drumming, Sandy enjoys taking good care of his 1938 Ford.

Tim Bayus DMX Operator
Tim Bayus DMX Operator


Lighting Master

A show is only as good as it looks, and Tim makes Perfect Strangers Rising look and sound better. Yep, with good lighting, it sounds better. When Tim is not doing lighting or sound, he is out fishing. He ventures up and down the western U.S. states both inland and out in the Pacific in search of the greatest catch. He has provided delicious fresh seafood meals to many.